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Socialinė atsakomybė Atsakomybė - įvairi žmogaus veiklos kontrolė, priimtų normų ir taisyklių laikymosi požiūris.

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  • Ему было неприятно сознавать свою неспособность продвинуться дальше только за счет собственных усилий, но внутренняя честность заставляла примириться с этим обстоятельством.
  • Из одного дома вышла группа из пяти мужчин и направилась прямо к нему - словно они и в самом деле поджидали его прихода.
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Atsakomybės paskirtis: užtikrinti tam tikro patikėto reikalo atlikimo efektyvumą visuomeninę — valstybinę drausmę, įstatymų moralės normų laikymąsi.

Socialinė atsakomybė reiškia, kad organizacija turėtų būti atsakinga už kiekvieną savo veiksmą, kuris paveikia žmones, jų bendruomenes ir aplinką.

Neigiama verslo įtaka žmonėms ir visuomenei turi būti pripažįstama, o padaryta žala atlyginama. Komunikacijos   Pateiktys   14 psl. I have to study for about one rekvizito prekybos darbas. But I do not.

Darbas, UAB

I read a bit every day and I feel calm, because I know I will be able to cheat. Everybody knows that, but some of my group nauji daiktai, kaip užsidirbti pinigų study a lot. They study for themselves, for the future or because they are really interested in that subject. I am not interested at all. After the exam we find out that all students got good marks.


But somebody is not satisfied or jealous, so he goes and tells the lecturer the names of those people who cheated. He tells my name too. I am very upset- not because I have cheated, but because I can trust nobody in my group. How could I be so stupid and tell that man such a simple thing… Cheating is a very popular phenomenon in our country.


In other countries the prevalence of cheating differs. And it is a problem of educational system, not of students. When the disciplines are interesting and useful, students are fond of learning, not of cheating.

But the worst thing is that nobody can change this system rapidly: it requires much time, money and hard work.

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A student can not trust anybody and tell that he is going to cheat. That is, he has to lie to his mates that he knows a lot, that he has studied for weeks.

rekvizito prekybos darbas

And it is very difficult I would say impossible to find real friends from the university environment. For example, I would not call a friend such a man, to whom I have to lie, who can lodge a complaint against me after every test or exam.

rekvizito prekybos darbas

The most important thing in friendship is trust and freedom to talk, share impressions. If students would have to sign an honor code, the relationships between them changed a lot.

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  • Тем не менее у нас нет ни малейшего желания удерживать вас здесь против вашей воли, хотя, если вы намереваетесь все-таки вернуться в Диаспар, мы будем вынуждены стереть из вашей памяти все воспоминания о нашей земле -- Она чуть помедлила.
  • Она не несла конструктивных целей, и Центральный Компьютер без возражений убрал ее по просьбе Элвина.
  • И ведь это только первая из бесконечной череды ваших жизней.
  • Я об этом догадывался и в своем мнении утвердился, будучи в Лисе.
  • Элвин с грустью решил, что он никогда не достигнет того уровня взаимопонимания, который был самой основой жизни этих счастливых людей.
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There could be no talk about marriages between group mates, because what is a marriage without trust and supporting a spouse? Or there could be another way out of such situation: to break an oath and to lodge complaints only against some students.

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But on the other hand, if one breaks an oath, there is no need to report about cheating at all. So what should a poor student do? Another difficulty is that the information can be not reliable. If one student hates somebody, it is natural that he tries to do harm to the object of hate.

And he can say that he is cheating after every exam and test. Karen Horney says that some people are inclined to competitiveness.

rekvizito prekybos darbas

Such people try to damage a competitor in order to enhance their own position or glory or to keep down a potential rival.

For such a man it is more important to see others defeated than to succeed himself. In universities it is natural that they would try to defeat their mates competitors in the easiest way- they will tell that others have cheated.

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And it is very difficult to check such information. I think that people can not be forced to sign rekvizito prekybos darbas documents as honor codes, because nobody can make disgraceful people become honorable. The ones who are honorable will not cheat without signing any paper, and the ones who want to cheat, will pay no attention to what they have signed. It is up to me and my rekvizito prekybos darbas to decide whether I will cheat or not.

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University is not a secondary school, where students have to learn lots of needless subjects. Almost everything that is taught at universities is necessary for the future job. Students choose a profession to study, which interests them, and so they are fond of learning and knowing a lot.